Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bajoran Quilt Afghan 3rd Panel

Here we go with the rd and final panel for this Bajoran Quilt Afghan. Each block has a meaning which I will explain when it is done. Thanks for all your comments.

It Definitely will look gorgeous on a bed. It contains 9 panels of 16 inches each panel. I will explain in more detail later. It is the what , the how , It was made.

Right now I am working on the border, so I believe that by the end of this week it will be finished. I will have a close up of the border stitch so that you can appreciate it's detail. I am very proud of this Quilt Afghan. It was easier to make than what I thought.

Thanks for stopping by and come back , there are plenty of projects that Crafty Andy has in store. I have been curious about nylon thread and there are wonders one can make with this thread. Lots of things for the shower which won't rot because of being wet. Well I will continue later this week showing you some of the wonders I am talking about. For the kitchen as well.


LadyLinoleum said...

I think this looks fabulous. I love the colors combined with the symbology. Amazing combo. It's just faboo!!!

Cheryl:) said...

Andy!! This is GORGEOUS!!! The colors are amazing!!!

Calvin said...

Andy, you crochet the most atonishing quilts. I LOVE this one. It makes me look at it and say, how the hell did he do that. Great work, sugarbutt!

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