Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bajoran Meditation Quilt Afghan 2nd Panel Made

This is one of the borders that I have created for this Quilt Afghan . It is done with front post double and treble crochet. As I am making the afghan as I go, I do not have a pattern by itself, yet I do know that I want to make something very elaborate. The combination of these three colors is exquisite.

I am now left with the most crucial part of this afghan, the third panel. SHould I make the third panel in Pink or should I make it in Royal blue? It will be nice to have some input from all of you.

Here I have included the second Panel that is made of granny squares. The Lower Left Panel is inspired with FPDC, it has the four points. The center panel is made of a center granny square with popcorn stitches, placed in a diamond shape, and to it's four sides 4 half granny squares. The right panel is like a stellar explosion inspired by following the pattern from Drew Emborsky and one of his 12 inch squares. All these panels are a set of three 16 " Squares, put together. Next week I am hopiong to have the third panel ready with your input. Well now the picture of the second panel is right below.

I definitely have to agree with my friend Scott when he said that granny squares where a lot more versatile to create things than regular crochet. I guess the more time consuming part is creating the design. Creating a design as you go is very rewarding for me personally. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon. Dont forget to leave your vote in the coments,. If you don't have ablogger account you will still be able to leave an anonymous comment. Word verification is still on. May the Prophets walk with you.


Anonymous said...

Love the color combination and the unique patterns. Very creative and beautiful.


~drew emborsky~ said...

Looks fantastic! Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Love the patterns and the colors.

Evelyn from Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

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