Bajoran Meditation Afghan Center Made

I am very motivated to make this afghan amd it is such a great endeavor. It changes as I am working on it. I think it is going to become a very interesting piece . Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious , it may not be, but definitley along those ways it will become. Right now I am working on a boarder-frame that will precede the next color theme. I never realized how beautiful this combination of fuschia and royal blue was going to look alongside the white. The afghan is being shown in a horizontal way, but it is not the correct way of displaying it. It is just not finished yet

, so please endulge me while I work on the details on the next few days. Thankls for stopping by.

May the Prophets Guide you!


Cheryl:) said…
This is absolutely Gorgeous Andy!!! Wow!!
Unknown said…
Ooooooh, I *love* the new additions.

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