Spice 135 Scarf for a friend

Here is the scarf finished, blocked, pressed, I will regain some of it's texture with a little bit of time. Actually it has the texture I wanted it to have. There is a pattern, but you have to actually feel the scarf to feel the pattern, or be very close to the person wearing it, LOL. As I mentioned before it is made with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky yarn Spice 135. This material is particularly nice is 80% acrylic and 20% wool. This in reality gives it a lot of flexibility. It is 48 inches long and the fring on each side is about 6. It is soft to the touch.

It is one of a kind, and like http://celticknitter.blogspot.com/ said on a comment, is a funky scarf. I was able to knit it in less than a week thanks to the grace of the Gods of Medicine.

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my craft with you.


Kenny said…
Wait a minute..... 48" is awfullly short for a scarf. I guess you're probably only going to wrap it around once?
Nik said…
i love that yarn...in that color. I used to work in a local craft store as a knitter and used to stare it down to think of something I could make with it.

Your scarf is handsome.
Celtic Knitter said…
handsome? Nah, funky! Really funky!

Thanks for the mention!
Cheryl said…
very very nice...love the color!
Jaye said…
Great scarf. Spice is a beautiful colour.
ladylinoleum said…
It's a really gorgeous scarf lovey. Diggin' the color.

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