Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Saint Pattys

I believe you caught me testing my whipped cream from the spatula. Don't worry I don't double dip, it was to clean the bowl lol.

Happy Saint Patrick's.
I am here sharing with you my CornedBeef and Cabbage meal. Yes Puertorricans eat corned beef, but we make it different. Here I went with the Irish style, a potato, green cabbage and spices.

But I did not have enough . I made a great cheese cake with caramel flavor (shhhh!!! sugar free ) with green stevia flavored whipped cream.

I had 8 oz of beer, not green lol, but it was enough.

I thought the cheesecake came out great. I don't use flour for a crust, but ground nuts, usually filberts or almonds.

Thanks for allowing me to share my meal with you. Come back again, I will have more to show you.


City Wiccan said...

Oh, how good of you to celebrate with traditional foods! :)

Jason said...

Mmmmm... I didn't get my cornbeef and cabbage this year! :-( It looks soooooo good!

Cheryl:) said...

You look so happy with a spoonful of whipped cream in your mouth!!! :)

Jaye said...

Great picture of you, Andy! If someone would have been home to take one of me as I had my head tucked in a bowl licking the batter from a lava cake clean, I'd have posted it. ;)

Jay said...

Mmm.. that cheesecake looks a tad green. Oh, St Patrick's Day, yeah, I know, but when I come over could I have some chocolate ice cream instead? Please..?

LadyLinoleum said...


Stephen said...

My mouth is watering.

VERY nice job on that scarf too. It turned out really beautiful!

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