Works in Progress Mar 06

Here I am sharing with you the worksin progress that I have during this month.

I have the 63 Easy Squares project going on , see the squares piling up. You will notice the pink and teal skeins that comprise of a new project to be started within a week or so. The pattern is one that Scott gave me as a present. I have changed some of the colors, but I am sure that it will come out really beautiful.

I am also working on this knitted scarf which is my own design. I have about 4 hours of work. Once it is done, I will block and press it and it will be ready to be shipped, sometime in early April.
I am using Wool Ease Chunky, from, Spice 135, It will have a length of 48 ", not counting the fringe. It takes two skeins to make this scarf. Whenever I amke things I make sure that if they don't like the outcome, I can resell it without problems, or even keep it for myself. LOL

Thanks for stopping by, and allowing me to share my craft.


City Wiccan said…
I think this scarf is funky! I was thinking of designing an afghan with a similar pattern.
Anonymous said…
Who do you sell your stuff to? I have a lot of things that I've knitted that are not for me or anybody. I would like to sell them and get more money to buy yarn.

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