Monday, January 16, 2006

Puerto Rico Vacation Part Two

So the vacation continued, our tour took us through the mountains and we visited the "Written Rock". This rock is full of petroglyphs, on the upper region there are plenty petroglyphs from pre-columbian times. This river is called "Saliente". I was very excited and very honored to be able to experience this with my niece and sister.

From this area we continue our travellings to the highest peak of the island in the same town of Jayuya, Cerro de Punta. Here is another picture. all of the Island's main comunication network have something up here as it is the highest peak and is on the middle of the Island.

So after being here and considering that low 70's was getting cold, we went down the road and found this beautiful falls called el charco de Doña Juana.

We have not finished our travellings, we continued on to the north toward the west of the Island to visit the Rincon Lighthouse where surfers hang Ten.

So here I am in front of the light house and our journey continues to the beach, where we will be returning through the turnpike toward the Main city of San Juan once again. The people from the countryside are very different from the city people, more gentle and with a friendlier attitude.

Puerto Rico is trying to get ahead in time and there is definitely a problem of recycling bottles and cans. You can find them everywhere. There are recycling containers, but not many people making money with it. The governement needs to educate people and make recycling appealable and accessible, otherwise this will not be a successful enterprise.

Here is a view of the beach by the coastal road and one picture of the surfers by the lighthouse.

The surfers look like sealions I can see why a shark will find them tasty.

This is not the end of the vacation, but the end of part two. There is more for tomorrow as I am getting ready to show you the other areas of the Island that I visited. The Island is about 100 miles wide by 35 accross. You can definitely see it in one day without traffic congestion, but that will be a miracle. LOL.

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