Saturday, January 21, 2006

Puerto Rico Vacation Part Six

I just love walking by the beach and breathing the fresh ocean air. The Sun felt so nice and gentle on my skin. The sand under my feet was a remembrance of times past. All my aches and pains were almost gone, on a scale of one to 1o , ten being the most pain, I had one. Very little discomfort from my joints, bones and it was easier to breathe. Of course the air is warmer and easier to breathe. I never used the water heater while I was there, that was very nice.

I used to live in one of those condos behind me, and I got to be in one of them for this vacation.
Time seemed to stop while I was on that rock. I was just engulfed in the pure hedonistic pleasures of indulgence with the environment. I was one with the waves and the rocks, the sands and I were one. It was like the sand knew what it was to be sea and the sea knew what it was to be sand. My life was been shown on a movie screen as I evaluated my life till that day. I was pleased. I could meet my Gods in peace if that was the case. Living without regrets and without attachments, it takes time to learn to do that.

From the morning untill the night I embraced the Sea and the Sand every day I could. I did not overdo the sun. That night here I was at the balcony on the 14th floor, there is no 13th floor in that building. If you got out on the 13th floor you definitely stepped into the Twightlight Zone.
I had a great time and wish I was not alone. Nevertheless I am very comfortable being by myself and enjoying life's little pleasures. Life's illusions and creative sceneries. During my visit I saw a friend from High School which I have not seen in almost 30 years. That's a longtime not seeing someone . We were talking about our class reunion for 2008 which will be our 30th reunion. Here she is Karina and yours trully. We talked about past class reunions and about the future class reunion. Some of our classmates have passed on to spirit, so they will not be physically present. Some of the other guys and gals are struggling with their health as am I, but they don't really know yet what it is I am struggling with. In their eyes I am retired that's it. From the ARMY I learned to use the "Need to Know Basis" for disclosing information. It is not a secret we hispanics are very nosey and disclose more information thatn needed. In the plane the senior couple that sat beside me almost gave me their address, where they have money in their house and how secure it was. People are very naive. On the other hand talking about peers, AIDS has a strange effect on people. I have seen people that were very eager to rekindle a friendship with me until they know how I got infected. They can deal with the disease, but not with the way of transmision which in my case if through being gay or more explicitly gay sex LOL.

If and when I move I will have to rely on my savy HIV friends to re-learn how to deal with people there. Anyway it was a wonderful time and coming back to San Francisco was nice as well. Two worlds apart connected by me and who I have become. May the Gods of Kobol be with us until the end. Life shall continue and I shall continue until my time is up. Thank you for stopping by and remember to visit often. I will have a new project to start this Sunday and I am finishing one of my charity afghans this week in memory of Scott Hooper.


Stephen said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful trip! I can't wait to see your new work!

City Wiccan said...

How great to be on the beach. I can only go out and lie in the snow :(

Jaye said...

Never having been to Puerto Rico, I really enjoyed your vacation through your eyes. Thanks so much for sharing it with us from afar.

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