Purple Trellis

This a lapghan in memory of J. Scott Hooper Jr. It's the beginning of a series of projects I am hoping to make in his name. This Lapghan will be donated to the Shanti Group for people with AIDS.

On the other hand, I am also participating or having a Crochet-Along for the 63 Easy Crochet Squares that I think is a great asset to any crochetter that wants to refine the art of crochet. This will be held at http://groups.msn.com/crochetdepot . If you feel inclined to join, you just neet a .NET passport account.


Anonymous said…
I love the colors of the blanket. Very nice. A great thing to do in your friend's memory.

Thanks for sharing all of your Puerto Rico vacation pictures.
Cheryl:) said…
Wow is that ever pretty!! And those are my favorite colors.
Anonymous said…
That is a really pretty afghan..... i think that I need to take up crocheting. So are you back in the States yet?
Unknown said…
It's gorgeous!

Your vacation looked like it was absolutely wonderful...so glad you had a spectacular time.
Kev said…
Scott would be proud of ya Andy!
Stephen said…
Beautiful ghan, man! Making it in Scott's memory is such a nice gesture.
Jeff said…
Bonito! You are so talented, and it's even more beautiful, since it was made in memory of Scott. You are amazing!

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