Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Raspberries and Life

Well what can I tell you.  Last night or rather early in the morning I woke up with a lot of itching .  There were hives all over my torso and forearms.  I recognized these as I have seen my mother break out in them over old food.  These raspberries were a little over due, but I ate a few, probably about 5 to 8.  I had had some the day before.  I noticed my chest was itching, but did not pay attention.  Long story short the rash is gone thanks to benadryl.  I just really pay attention to the things I eat, I try and during this crazy morning itchy attack, I reviewed the food in the past two days, even my body cream.  Raspberries won, I am not a big fan of berries unless they are frozen or really fresh, because mold sets in fast, and I believe it was the mold I had a reaction to.

Floors laid down
What you are seeing is the new floors that have been taking shape in our home. There will be a need for a quarter round , but the floors will look very classy.  We are getting the floors installed by a contractor through Simple Floors.  You have to visit these guys everyday as they seem to really need supervision.  They don't need micromanagement, but they do need supervision.  The guy thought that the floors would looked better without the quarter round, but we asked for quarter round.  If we were replacing the baseboards, there will be no need for the quarter round.  Anyway, he said he was doing something extra (No one asked him to and it show you he needs supervision)  , the extra was something he said he had to do anyway (so where is the extra meaning something more than he usually does for free).  The guys have been doing this for a long time,but you still have to keep an eye on them to get what you paid for, nothing else is needed.  Honestly, this sounded more like he was being lazy and not wanting to do the quarter round. The floors look better without it, but they do not look finished, and that is why the quarter round is needed.  Anyway, I hope your day goes well and I will continue to blog more often, now that I am out of Facebook for a while.  I miss the chatter , but not really.  Thanks fro stopping by!

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