Monday, September 09, 2013

Felt Imperfect

Interesting choice of words.  I was going to speak about the Retreat, maybe I will before the week ends.  I have been deactivated from Facebook, mainly because I am reevaluating my life and Facebook adds very little to my life.  I still have to say that I have learned about stuff from Facebook  before it comes out in the news, but that is another story. I find that Facebook has some value, but people are too much, they say too much and stay behind the anonymity veil to be aggressive and jerks.  Some people air all their drama and frustrations in there.  It gets tiresome after a while.  Let's see how long I go before re activating my account and who has stayed with me.
I got this yarn the other day. Just in case you don't know I have all my yarn in boxes. There is remodeling going on in my life, from the floors to the ceiling. How is that for unexpected change. Well I knew it was coming, but not this sudden, I should not complain. So I went walking last Saturday to the Upper Haight and found Mendel's which is a craft store in the Haight Ashbury district.  I really enjoyed my walk from the lower Haight. So I bought the yarn and crochet hook and decided to make a felted mouse for my temporary pet Mona.
Mona's mouse
I think she likes it more than expected lol.  Believe it or not it is still a bit wet.  I added some eyes with the pink.
Felted crochet mouse

Making this little mouse and going out for some retail therapy made me feel a lot better.  Many men don't understand the therapeutic effect that window shopping or plain shopping has.  I was feeling down and very disappointed.  Even though I was tempted to buy an IPad, I decided for a traveling camera for my trip to come this week.

resistance rat (3)

So I went to Best Buy looking for a smaller camera than the one I have.  I found something very good.  It is a Samsung ST150F, 16.2 MP, 25 mm lens and F2.5, with a micro sd slot.  I really like this camera.  I have just started to scratch the surface of the things I can do with it. It was inexpensive and it was not an IPad.  I may get myself an IPad for Christmas, I don't know yet.

Resistance camera case
So I had a little bit more yarn left and decided to make a felted case for the camera.  I found the perfect pattern On The Move Camera Case by Designs by Dianna.  I have to say that the pattern is fantastic and it has a way of helping you customize your pattern for any camera you have. It is $2.00 and it is a bargain. It matches My laptop case which is pink and grey, I guess it is what the new colors are for me.  I don't mind Pink nor do I mind grey. Everywhere I read about felting I read something very important.  Felting is not easily predictable and it is a matter of feeling or sensing.  There is some adjustments you can make, but in the end it is unpredictable.  Well there is more to come and hopefully this break from Facebook will force me to blog more, which is in the end what I like more.  Thanks for stopping by!

Resistance camera case

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