Saturday, March 09, 2013

Of greens and cables

The Brethren Sock by Millard Fontenot is a fantastic pattern so far. If you purchase the pattern it benefits the Mens Knitting Retreats Scholarship fund.

  Mistelzweig Sock WIP

This pattern is a bit intriguing, because it has cables and a beautiful heel. This pattern also has Row numbers which I adore.  It motivates me and guides me as I work on the sock. I went down a needle size, because I always do when it comes to socks. It is working out pretty good.  I rather have socks a bit tight than loose.  This pattern is a man's dream.  Mill manipulates the pattern as to not begin with a purl stitch if possible.  What you see in here is the heel being turned.  I doubled the yarn and will do so again when I get to the toes. This and some spinning is what is going on this weekend.  Thanks for stopping by!

November 2018 ?

Here I am two weeks after I moved by myself.  I am now starting to feel the burn.  I have spent 17 years with a pretty good man.  He was ...