Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Djerba Moon Hat

Hey everyone, is about that time of the year, the time for Stitches West.  This is the hat  I wanted to share. Work in progress.  The hat is modified from a pattern I got on Ravelry, is a free pattern it is called the "Evenstar Hat".

 This hat is actually all knit, but I am not picking up stitches, instead I am making the top in crochet.   Crocheting the top is going to be done before the night is done. I re charted the hat , so that I had the least of problems knitting, the instructions are not very clear for me, but others may find it easy. It has taken me a long time to make the head band, but before the night is over, I will be done with the crochet top.  The band is made flat and grafted closed.

DjerbaHatKnitCrochet (2)

Well it is done. It has given me a lot of inspiration for a future hat. Thanks for stopping by!

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