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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013

My goodness, I forgot about my blog, ha ha ha.  No I have not forgotten about blogging.  I am in a big positive transition and busier than a bee in a beehive.   I am going to share my Christmas Day with you and later one I will tell you a bit about my other plans, but not today.  Today is about presents and enjoying one of the most fun Christmas ever.  I was extremely good.
 Triton (5)
The Holidays have always been a gift of the Gods if I may say so.  I enjoy the lights and the festive atmosphere that is brought by gift giving.  Long time ago I decided to buy gifts for myself, wrap them and put them under the tree.  I celebrate Christmas my way , even if I am not a Christian anymore.  This frees me from a lot from my childhood and ethnic upbringing. The gifts always include geeky stuff and lots of Dark Chocolate.
 Xmas2012 (24)
 Peppermint Dark Chocolate Bark his favorite.

 Xmas2012 (27)
A Crafty Andy Market Bag, no one should be without one or two.

 Xmas2012 (33)
This is a new Knit Picks Greener dye set.  I will have the opportunity to have some dye fun in the New Year.
Xmas2012 (43)
These are the BSG double tanks from Anovos , plus an old Navy set of Sweat Pants that I attached the Galactica Patch to it.
Xmas2012 (40) 
ChiaoGoo small set of needles.  I love the cord, not too crazy about the needles, but in the end is a great set to have.  
Last picture with the double tank , dog tags and my teddy bear pattern to be released in 2013.  There are more gifts, but have nothing to do with Christmas, just with being nice to myself, having the cash and getting ready for a busy 2013-2014 years.  I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a Prosperous , healthy 2013.  SO DAY WE ALL!