Xmas Target Acquired

TargetAcquiredmitts (2)
It is a Galactica Xmas ladies and Gents.  This pair of fingerless mitts are called "Target Acquired"  A pattern by Dale Hwang.  It is free and is on Ravelry.com .  This pattern is a bit confusing at times, but you know exactly what to do. This pattern is for knitters, there could be a fun crochet partner to it, let's see if I get motivated.  I have lots of work and going to school as well, so any moment to have some knitting fun I take it. It was fun and it is in the shape of the Dradis from the Galactica World.  May the Gods of Kobol have mercy on us! I have more Galactica presents in the works and some are even being wrapped as we speak. Be well and thanks for stopping by.

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