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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crochet At Quark's

Yep I am at Quark's.  I am crocheting a Toilet Paper Cozy, but not any kind of cozy, it is Tapestry Crochet and in more than two colors. 
AtQuarks (2)
There is more crochet happening , I am making a very nice Pineapple Lace Doily.  These can be so much fun.  When you realize it you are done.  The pattern has some mistakes, but not misleading mistakes, just needs a bit of correction.
DinnerLace (2)
I am also going to start on my lace project which I am showing you the materials below.  I made a sample which is the last picture and I have made gauge. 
The picture below shows the sample that is to be made from the pattern above.  The pattern has some increases and decreases and some very interesting and intriguing stitches.  A very peculiar thing is that I saw the same kind of stitch manipulations in crochet the other day.  I am ready to start this baby at any moment this week.  I got gauge, so I will be suing US 3 Chiagoo lace knitting needles.  I want to try a different brand of Lace needles.  So far I like the cables they have.  I will see how to make lifelines and I have gotten some unwaxed dental floss to help me in this journey. Thanks for stopping by!
Lace Sample one