Friday, September 28, 2012

"Pinwheel" A Crochet Skull Cap

It has been a while since my last hat, and there are more to come.  This Skull Cap has a special place in my heart.  It was one of my first caps in two colors.  I wanted to recreate this pattern for a long time, but until now I was not able to.  I hope you enjoy this very simple Tapestry Crochet  Cap.
PinwheelSkullCap (8)

It is the "Pinwheel” Skull Cap, one of my first caps.  The idea was born in 2006.  It was an inspiration from not being able to find a hat to my liking.  It is a very simple Tapestry Crochet Style Cap. If you want to substitute yarns , I definitely suggest you make a gauge swatch. TO make a larger hat, get a bigger hook or bulkier yarn. Smaller hats can be accomplished by using a smaller hook or smaller gauge yarns.  Thanks to R.Buffalo for his help and feedback in the making & testing of this pattern.This is a $6.00.
PinwheelSkullCapVC (1)

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