Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MFKR 2012 Part 2

I am not going to bleed the MFKR 2012, there is going to be part 3 lol. This is a gret venue to go every year, is a good vacation and you meet so many talented people, is amazing. This year I had the opportunity to make it to the 5th one in a row. I will never forget the first one at Poiint Bonita, what fun we had.

I can tell you that this is a wonderful place to be and to meet so many men with such talent is a great honor. There were two other guys who also joined the 5 Year club of attending the MFKR. I received this beautiful token of appreciation from Wonder Mike and by Proxy the MFKR. It is some wonderful lace yarn and a bag made by Nathan Grisham, his bags are fantastic, made in the USA and can be found at , from project bags to Messenger bags. Go and check him out.

MFKRThankYouGifts5YearAnniversary (2)
Every Year Skacel Knitting is behind us with gifts and back packs. Here were the guys from the Contest and some of the guys that went to Skacel, there are more than this few. Skacel2012

This is part of my Crochet Basics for Knitters. The class was a success. Everyone learned from basic slip stitch, chain, single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet. Everyone got an A+. TeachingCrochet2012 The picture below is taken by me. I believe the picture above was taken by Wonder Mike or Franklin Habit. MFKR2012BasicCrochetClass050 (1) Every year we have a fun Kilt Night with Show and tell. Here is a pictures, it is not a Kilt Night only. We being the men we are, just decided to have some kind of special event with kilts, sarongs or any unbifurcated fabric you want to wear. Slacks are acceptable, shorts are acceptable, nothing serious just some fun for the guys.
KiltNight (2)
Among the show and tell was my crochet hat, my weaved scarf and the socks I am wearing, oh and the "Daniel" hat , a pattern normally for sale Here, which I donated to the retreat binder for the guys to enjoy as well. Yep there is part 3 from this blog and lots of more fun in the works. Thanks for stopping by!

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