Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MFKR 2012 Part 1

The MFKR 2012 started at the end of August and went into September.  It promised to be as exciting as the other ones on previous years.  I don't think I ever shown you my room, or a room at the facility for that matter.  They are very spartan, most of them with a bathroom and toilet.  I was very appreciative of having a first floor room. There is an electronic safe to put your valuables.  It is a comfortable place to sleep, clean and the showers are across the hall.
The view from the room was amazing, but it is the same view we had from the conference room .  Being careful of being on the first floor, someone can get into your room, it has not happened to us, but they do tell you to lock your valuables and your window when you are not in the room.
The first day we had a lot of fun, getting to know each other.  We had two scholarship recipients this year. Two wonderful guys that would have not been to afford the retreat otherwise. They were very appreciative of the scholarship and just being among a group of crazy fiber guys. Ray from New York and Don from Idaho. These two guys were enjoying themselves a lot.
MFKR2012 002
Today is orientation, ice breaker.  I believe there were 14 lambkins, that is our nickname for the new guys.  They get scared of the initiation rumors, but we just give them fiber love. Skacel trunk show was fun. There were some yarn samples for the guys that have never been to Skacel .  We all gave Michael our CoBaSi challenge items, this is what I had.  My project was accepted and even though I did not win any prices, I was fortunate to get my pattern accepted as an independent designer.  I came prepared , just in case.  

The pattern , I have been told, will be published at the Skacel Site soon. When it is, I will be able to post Pictures of my work here and a link to were you can download the pattern.  I am honored to be among the Skacel Designers as a Tapestry Crochet designer.  Last Year I submitted 3 Patterns and Skacel accepted those designs,so there are more Skacel Designs from Crafty Andy coming out in the near future.  I will tell you when they get published. It shall be soon . Thanks for stopping by!

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