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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Caprica Six yarn

I have arrived from the MFKR 2012 and there will be pictures next week. It was a total success and we had a lot of fun.   I had a friend from the Retreat visiting, he is from New Zealand.  He stayed for  a short visit and his name is James. Kiwi James as we sometimes call him. In the meantime and while I get my pictures in shape and organized, here is a project I will be doing. CapricaRedYarn (3)
This yarn was purchased at an outdoor sale today, there is a lot more where this one came from.  I believe is thinner than lace weight, not by much. I tested it and it is too weak to stand on its own two plies . It weighs at 1472 grams of wool. I tested it for strength and it needs more twist, it is wool as I was able to felt the yarn you see on the Above picture by Caprica's shoulder.  What is a spinner to do? I will be filling three bobbins of yarn adding twist to the existing 2 plies, then plying 3 strands of 2 plies to make a yarn with Six strands of yarn, that have been previously plied into a two ply yarn. I have been talking to the Leobens if you wondered! lol Thanks for stopping by! CapricaRedYarn (4)