Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Valhalla Awaits Kilt Hose on dk Weight

ValhallaAwaitsKiltHose (5)
 For the MFKR 2012 we had a KAL and these were the Kilt hose that we were suppose to make. This pattern is the same as the green ones I posted before, but on heavier weight. It is a lot faster when knitting if your yarn is bigger and these were a lot faster to make than the previous pair. Each sock is 100 grams and because the yarn was on sale, each sock is $2.00 in materials.  I got  $4.00 in total, while the green pair was $24.00
 ValhallaAwaitsKiltHose (6)
 As you can see the calves needed shaping as well. I made these pair a little bit different. The cuff is a bit tighter and I am sure I can wear them without a garter or elastic. I actually made two sets of elastics for under the cuff. This pair fits better than the green. The kilt hose is really hugging the leg and the foot. These were made on US 1 until the gusset got picked. I changed needle size to US 0 2.00 mm to make the gusset decreases and the foot. I also made the heel and the toes with double yarn. There are more to come, but I leave for the MFKR 2012. See you in a few days, wish me luck in the design contest, I am submitting a pattern! Thanks for stopping by.

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