Saturday, June 16, 2012

Milk Fiber Review

milkyarnHandspun (1)
Here is my milk fiber homespun yarn or handspun. Let's say I spun it by hand on my wheel and call it even , lol. Do I like this fiber for spinning? I have to say no. It is not a great fiber to spin from, but it is a great fiber to ply. This sounds contradictory, but people that spin yarn can relate to it. milkyarnHandspun (3)
In the end I found the yarn to have a bit of luster, but the texture is a bit like paper like.  It is stiff and not springy like wool, so it behaves a bit like silk without the sheen or softness.  I am going to dye this fellow and see how it comes out.
milkyarnHandspun (2)
Going to the review. I did not like this fiber for spinning.  Not recommended for beginner spinners, but if you are a seasoned spinner you should spin it and see what it feels like.  I found it requires more twist than I expect it to hold together, but when plying it was a lot easier to ply.  It has a smell of either cream or butter, or maybe is my mind playing tricks on me. I would rather spin bamboo and flax than milk fiber, and there is nothing like spinning wool, that much I know.  Thanks for stopping by!

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