Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fortunate Spinning Kromski Sonata

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Sometimes I don't remember that things get old and worn out.  What am I talking about? You know the brake cord for the Scotch Tension on the Kromski?  Well mine was looking sad, but I really did not think it had anything to do with the uptake of the yarn or the way the bobbin moved.  I can tell you that from the beginning I did not like the cord  or the spring that the Kromski Sonata came with.  Some times you have to be careful with the changes you make, because these two elements, the spring and the brake cord are essential to the mechanism of spinning. Changing both may have been troublesome if I had a problem.  Why?  I changed two things and any of the two could have been the problem or both.   I took a chance and got some Hemp cord.  I believe almost any kind of #20 or #10 thread will do, as long as it does not slip.
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In the picture above , you can clearly see the different spring which the Sonata has and the one dangling was the old one.  The new spring is very strong, so very tiny increments are needed for adjusting the tension .  I really like that.  The new Hemp Cord is working fantastically, I can not believe how easier it is to spin now than before. I am big when it comes to changing stuff.  I did not know if this was going to work 100%, but I was pretty sure. The test was to spin some mohair, and to Navajo ply some silk.  There were no problems, I am actually having to make less effort with my foot treadles,
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I am still in the testing mode, and I am waiting for the upright post that I am getting as a replacement.  New Voyager has responded well and I have had a good attitude.  Sometimes I forget that being assertive is OK if done with kindness and class.  There is no need for being unkind or giving them a bad attitude , things happen, I am glad I am going to get this issue taken care for good.  The yarn that you are looking at is a single of mohair that I am planning to ply with some Alpaca.  It is going to give it a nice halo. Thanks for stopping by.
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