Monday, June 11, 2012

Felting a Beret

This was my experiment with the yarn that you saw the other day.  I should have made it about 4 inches bigger, but in the end it worked out great.  The lessons of felting are great and it makes a fantastic fabric out of hair and more.  Remember this is an  Alpaca, Wool and silk blend.
PutiTHrutheringerBerete (2)
Felting by hands was not too hard.  I even put it on the washer on hand wash cycle.  I threw it in a zippered pillow case , with some beach shoes.
PutiTHrutheringerBerete (10)
I new from this point that it may have been too short, but it was too big as well for my head.  The opening was about and inch larger.  If I had hair or a bigger head, that would have been no problem , lol.
PutiTHrutheringerBerete (8)
I used a glass plate to give it the shape.  The shaping was easier than I expected. I used clothes pins as well to hold it in place. I don't know if the pattern would have come out the same had it been crochet instead of knit.  The pattern is for a knit Beret.
The picture above shows you what I needed to add after it was made.  Yep, I grabbed the needles and made about a 2.5 inch brim, then I sew it in place and felted the brim by itself.  It worked out exactly as I wanted it to begin with.  I believe the whole project could have benefited from a 3 inch brim and about 2 more inches at the top.
Beretfelting (3)
In the end I am very happy with the outcome.  The color is what I wanted and the shape is fantastic.  I did not expect it to shape this way, but it does look good. I hope you enjoyed the hand dye, felting journey of this Beret.  The pattern is made by Kent Turman for a moss stitch Beret.  I adapted it to make it a felted Beret. Thanks for stopping by!
Beretfelting (1)

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