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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Adventure of Overdye ,felting

So here is a project that I want to make. I want to  felt the beret, a pattern by my friend Kent. I have to admit that at this moment I don't really have enough yarn in my stash, lol. I have accomplished one of my yarn diet goals.I do have more yarn than this, it is just in bags for a specifi project. So with Jacquard Dyes and a crockpot I was able to make the three skeins of yarn at the bottom the same color,
hand overdye (1)
Here you have the yarn has been unified by color over dye. I first over dye the yarn with green, the yellow and the blue took it nicely, but there was a variation on the yellow. I decided that it needed some blue to unify the color a bit more and I used Teal. The result was exactly what I wanted. BeretSwatch (1)
I did not know if this yarn was going to take felting, so I did a little swatch and felted it by hand. The results were acceptable, it felted easily. At 15% silk this wool /Alpaca blend felts without any problems. I made a swatch of 15 or so stitches, then I warmed up some water with soap and went to work. Thanks for stopping by.
BeretSwatch (3)