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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Natural wool A short Story

The Skeins of yarn from Beaverslide have some manufacturer's knots on them, but not a big deal. It actually irritates me a lot, but it talks to the fact that the yarn is manufacture less mechanical than not. The knots are kind of soft knotted, so you can open up the knot easily.YOU can fuse your wool in few simple steps. I am hoping a set of pictures is worth a thousand words.

Skein (1)
You get some water, unless you want to spit fuse. WoolFusing (1)
You look at the yarn that needs to be fused, there is a knot, you undo it. WoolFusing (3)
it may look like this or completely two separate yarn ends to fuse. WoolFusing (4)
You then put it in the water like this.
 WoolFusing (5)
Now your yarn is wet and you set the ends on your yarn almost ready for fusing. WoolFusing (6)
You rub the yarn between the palm of your hands briskly. WoolFusing (7)
 Presto your yarn is safely fused.
 WoolFusing (8)
I hope the pictures were worth a thousand words. Thanks for stopping by!