Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good Fortune of Homespun

OldForgeRoseGrey (2)
I am almost finished with the Old Forge. This is one of the most delightful knits I have done in a long time. My gauge have kind of become a little loose. A lesson to learn is to always order more yarn lol. As I was making the garter stitch border I decided to do a mathematical equation to how much yarn I have left and how much yarn I still need to complete the project. I was going to be short, so I had some options. First option was to use the Crimson and the yarn left in alternating sections. There are 600 Stitches, so I had choices. My calculations reported back to me that I would need about 50 grams of yarn finish it. I would order more,but I thought I had some yarn that had the same kind of color, You bet, I have some Alpaca , homespun by me in a Rose Grey colorway and that is exactly the color this other yarn is. It is a heathered grayish brown with a rosy hue. To the left of the orange stitch market  on the garter stitch market is the new yarn, is a bit fuzzy and spun more tight, but practically the same.
OldForgeRoseGrey (1)
Exciting for me, as I wanted to make a blanket with my homespun and this was the perfect yarn to finish this blanket.  I am hoping to be done in the next few days, the only blocking that I will be doing is a slight steam blocking.  There will be pictures soon, thanks for stopping by!

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