Monday, April 16, 2012

A Teddy Bear project

I want to take this opportunity to thank the people that took advantage and participated in my Fundraiser Sale for the MFKR 2012.  I was able to raise a bit of money and I am very grateful for that. Along with other funds I was able to raise about 1/3 of the cost and that was my goal. Now to other interesting things.

This is not Mickey Mouse, but rather the prototype of my Teddy Bear. The ears are naturally shaped this way, with a bit of stitch manipulation, but mostly shaping. I am very glad about this project , because is a teddy bear done in the round.  What does it mean?  It means less sewing.  As I go along and test filling materials, I can say that anything besides poly-fill is hard to manipulate, nonetheless it can be done.  This head is filled with cotton roving that was laying around, but I definitely recommend anything poly-fill, specially if you can get a hypo-allergenic pillow stuffing. 

 I  purchased two pillows at Costco, and that is the material I will be using to fill my two other Bear Candidates.  My aim is to give you a pattern to be made in the round, with minimal stitching,with 220 yards of yarn or less. Most Crochet Teddy Bears are in the Round, so I am surprised that I have never seen a knitted Teddy Bear in the round.   The bear in this picture is made with Rowan Tweed, a DK weight yarn with about 165 yards or so of the main yarn, and probably 20 yards of the dark yarn for embroidery.  The other two bears one with Lambs Pride, which is a favorite yarn of mine, and Cascade 220, which is another favorite yarn of mine. SO this is what I have for you today, more pictures to come, thanks for stopping by!

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