Friday, April 27, 2012

Stephen West At AVFKW

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Well it almost feels like my birthday, which is almost here. I got to meet Stephen West at A Verb For Keeping Warm in Oakland. We have been Internet connected, but never met in person. Stephen West has been a great contributor of patterns to our MFKR in the past, and I do admire his work and designs. I don't like all of them, but I do like 90% of them, the 10 % is things I just can't see myself wearing. lol. Nevertheless it was fun to talk to him and the other people that were around. I met some new friends like Mark and John.

 MikeatVerb (3)

The great Wonder Mike was the one that took my picture with Westknits, and I returned the favor for him. I got Westknits 3 book, which I have been eyeing for some time. I got the opportunity to get his signature, and I am like a 10 year old boy with his new GI Joe. SO I was very excited, lol. Wonder Mike has this ability to always look like he has his hand in the cookie jar, but he is such a delightful guy to talk and hang out with. I like his positivism and his enthusiasm is very contagious. I love this guy, he is such an inspirational and great teacher.

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My friend Bill Jones was there as well. I was glad he decided to join me and he is such a pleasant guy to chat about lots of things. I enjoy his company a lot. He is such a good conversationalist and has lots of things to share..

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Skacel was Present today with the help of Cirilia and the testing of all kinds of Skacel goodies. All kind of clicks, natural, lace and regular, short and long and even the crochet hook clicks extensions.

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These ladies make A Verb For Keeping Warm Store shine. Kristine and Aday are such a versatile and talented couple of artisans. If you want to know about natural dyes and how to make them happen, they are one of the greatest people to learn from, here in San Francisco Bay Area.

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So here is my treat for my Birthday, what better than my own personally autographed copy of Westknits Book 3. I can tell you that I felt very special today. Having visited with so many fun people and having them in my circle of friends.

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This has made my birthday weekend  AWESOME!  Thanks for stopping by!

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