Happy Birthday To Me!

Andy2012Birthday 019
Today was another birthday and a great celebration.  I made a marbled chocolate chip cake and it was delicious. I had a great day with Michael and we had lots of fun. We were streaming a class from Craftsy.com on Weaving on a rigid heddle. The class is very good. Here you see Michael weaving, what a wonderful gift for both of us. I wanted him to try weaving and he really enjoys it. Let's see how his scarf turns out.  
MikeWeaving2012 (3)
While the weaving class was going the dyeing kettles were cooking the yarn. Alum and cream of tartar were mordants, then set on a crimson journey.
Crimson (5)

The yarn took a beautiful color and no dye was left on the kettle. I put it out to dry while we went for a long walk. The day was perfect to hang the yarn out to dry. So I spent my birthday with Michael, weaving and dyeing yarn. Wool is amazing as you can see. Thanks for stopping by.
Crimson (4)

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