Revisiting Patterns A Bath Wrap

Some times it is good to come back and revisit a pattern.  This was one of my first knit patterns, done in garter stitch, very simple with I-Cord edging. I want to see if it needs to be revamped, optimized and maybe even better pictures.  Pictures that will be helpful for the people that are making the wrap. It came to my attention from a person who was making the wrap that they were confused. Hey it only takes one person to make you think that maybe you can explain things a bit better, or maybe a picture is worth a thousand words. Since this pattern was made in 2009, and I was very young at pattern making, it is worth revisiting.  I can tell that it needs new pictures with a better view of what you are going to be doing.

backyard 009 

Yesterday was an inspiring day, we got the backyard cleaned and brought some new dirt, weeds out, and new plants as well. Hope you have a great Earth Day, thanks for stopping by!

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