naDev 'oH wIj A work in Progress

 naDev 'oH wIj  means in English , Here are my socks. As translated by Google translator from English to Klingon. I am very excited when I get over Second Sock syndrome and pick up the sock and go for it.  Socks and specially fair Isle socks are very hard, but very exciting to make. There will be more to come in the future as I am enjoying making them, but this pair was kind of difficult for a while. What you are seeing on the picture is the Second Heel being started and after I turn the hell the instep and foot will be easy as pie. I am hoping to work on some weaving next weekend, I shall see if that is possible. I am moving along with my projects and that is very positive news for me. The creative process takes strange roads, but I know myself and I know that when I get to start to design whenever that is, it will be a lot of fun.  For now suffice it to say , I have swatches and ideas. Thanks for stopping by!

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