Luscious Athena From Kollage

Athena is my pattern and I can tell you that is one of the most fun pattern I have.  It is simple, yet not boring. You have to pay attention to what you are doing and count stitches. Sometimes the Yarn Overs get lost. Kollage Luscious was given to me as a prize at the MFKR 2011.  It is a cotton 63%  nylon 37%.  It is stretchy and works well on the needles, yet when it comes down to weaving in the ends is a bit tricky. I got two 50 gram skeins, the yarn comes on 100 grams skeins.  I was able to do a Russian Yarn join successfully and that is impressive. It is a great choice for non wool people.
AthenasKollage (10)
 Using The Kollage Luscious yarn was an excellent choice. I will say that to finish off the Athena, you should do a little crochet cluster on the corner of the yarn tails. Leave about two or three feet and make a 3 to 5 single crochet in the corner stitch, then you can weave the ends inside the crochet stitches. I had plenty of Luscious left, so it can be made bigger.
AthenasKollage (3)
I hope you enjoy the pictures and like me dare to use different yarns for different things. I say that this is a very successful yarn alternative for the Athena's Shawl.  It is after all a Shawl for the Woman Warrior and the Daring Man. I want to thank Erica from Kollage yarn for the great yarn. Thanks for stopping by!
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