Athena's Kollage WIP

This is the Athena A Goddess' Shawl using Luscious from Kollage.  So far I enjoy using this yarn for this project as I am looking to see how many different yarns I can use to make this possible. This yarn will allow me to have very little blocking  as it has a lot of drape, but until I am done I won't know for sure.  Thanks to the Kollage People and to Erica for the yarn.  I have never knitted or crocheted anything with Kollage and Luscious is a good introduction.  Even though I got two 50 grams skeins, this yarn comes in one 100 gram skein. Is a cotton / nylon  blend, great for sock knitting for those who want an alternative to wool.  Care has to be taken that you don't take twist out as you knit or crochet.  This is the progress so far and I am hoping that I will have this baby done by the weekend.  Thanks for stopping by!

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