Addi Crochet Extension Tips for Clicks

HeartStopperAddiHooks (2) 
I have been quiet, but not without been busy. I am working on creating a nice Tunisian Crochet Shawl , maybe a scarf as well, maybe both, but one for sure lol. I am understanding the Tunisian Crochet techniques more and more. There may be some Intarsia Techniques, maybe none. I am hoping to make an afghan soon of my own design, but not really ready for sale yet.  Here in the picture above and below you have the simplicity HiKoo yarn,  Addi  Heart Stopper and Addi Crochet Extension Tips for Clicks or The Crochet Click  Extension Tips from Skacel .  The advantage is that you can use the Addi cables.  The Heart Stoppers can be used to hold your stitches in place in case you need to do that. If you like to do Tunisian Crochet this is fantastic investment, the cables and heart Stoppers are extra.
HeartStopperAddiHooks (1)

Talking about Skacel , there are going to be lots of Patterns from Men designers coming out some time in the near future. The Men are from the Men Knitting Retreat Website and mostly from the MFKR 2011.  Some patterns are knit and some are crochet.  Anyway that is what I am up to and hopefully I will be creating more Tunisian Crochet Patterns combined with Tapestry Crochet.  I am hoping to turn the Crochet World upside down and give you choices you never thought possible.  In the meantime , Thanks to Skacel and the Skacel Family for their generous spirit with the Men Knitting Retreats. Thanks for stopping by.


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