A Vulcan Sahar , WIP

Sahar Wip
Today I started the Sahar stole, the link to the pattern follows, Sahar Pattern , from The Panopticon,  a friend of mine.  Actually we kind of know each other , we have  a friendship, we do get along and have a good time together and have things in common, I say we are buddies getting to know each other.  He is a very funny guy, that I can tell you.  I get to spend time with him at the  Men Knitting Retreats and he is a fun guy to be around.  The only part of this pattern that scares me is the grafting, but I am going to go for it.  This pattern is very intuitive so far. What do I mean? It is easy to follow.   I am hoping to take it with me to the retreat.  I enjoy a lace challenge once in a while and this is going to be my challenge for  a bit.  I think it will knit quicker than fast.  I am using Knit Picks dk/sport yarn, this yarn actually is over spun, so I am hoping that is not a problem.  In the ends is the experience that counts.  I am hoping to have more pictures later this weekend.  Thanks for stopping by!

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