Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Secret Hat Pattern

I  am very excited to be designing my hats.  I am frustrated as I can not show you what I am designing.  I can not show  you the patterns , but I can tell you is hats.  The hats that are coming are for the whole family and they are wonderful Crochet Hats with Tapestry Crochet and some Color Stranding Techniques.  I have never seen hats like these on the Internet or for that matter on any one's heads.  The hats have bold colors and great visual excitement.  The hats have Textures and are like a sensory stimulating experience.  I have to say that my inspiration comes in spurts and I have in queue about 6 to 10 more hats, I have already designed 4, I am almost ready to publish one for sale and the other ones are not for sale yet.  I will be making my Philosopher Hat and a Fall Hat or Two  available in the next few months. They are in dk weight and very sturdy, machine washable if you choose the right yarns, but I tell you I like hand washing my hats myself, it is exciting none the less. I want to thanks my proof readers and testers for their input and feedback.  I always test my patterns on  myself and read through them plenty of times before I publish them. At any rate hope to have a picture of my newest hat next week, but until I have the child size done and photographed, it won't happen, so it may be another week or so, I am not in a hurry anymore.  This was an old post that I have to repost because of spam, people have nothing else to do.Thanks for stopping by

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