Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Klingon Bird of Prey Decloaking

MysteryShawlWIP (14)
I am always comparing things from our timeline to the Star Trek timeline.  Believe me I wish I was there in the 24th century dealing with more interesting challenges than as of today. I definitely like triangular shawls like this one because they remind me of my Klingon friends.  I do have Klingon friends! Qaplah! No matter that time travel is not here yet, we have to own the now.   We have today, I will live the day and Own it.  I will have to say that Stephen West is to Shawls as Crafty Andy is to Hats. I salute you my friend you have outdone yourself once more.  Mister West Knits has come up with this Mystery KAL that he calls Earth and Sky , it is on sale for now at $4.00, it will be going up in price at the end of the month.  It gets a clue every Monday, we are on clue #2.  If you want to try some Intarsia, this is the project for you.  It will be better if you belong to Ravelry so that you can join the group discussion and get ideas .  Don't let this get away as he is helping you along and the benefits from the group is fantastic. Thanks for stopping by!

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