Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Intarsia a Journey

Many people don't realize how cold it can be in San Francisco in the summer, but it is cold most of the time.  The shawl is the same as in the last posting , but it has gotten bigger and I decided to go for the medium size.  I am actually working on clue # 3, yep is a mystery shawl by Stephen West aka West Knits.  There is nothing I dislike about this pattern, It is fast and simple and you get your feet wet in Intarsia.  I think this young man is an Artisan with a refreshing bold taken on knitting.   As a man who knits I look for men who design patterns, just because most of them have a different take. I like all the patterns West Knits , some I would not wear at this moment in life, but I would have definitely worn them when I was young. He pushes the envelope and is a breath of fresh air. I am hoping to buy more of his patterns, I have my eye on the vest he designed and the blanket he designed and some other patterns that he is offering.  He is coming out with book #3 , let's see if I decide to buy the whole E-Book.  This is all for today, thanks for stopping by!

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