Friday, July 08, 2011

I am Pink

Iampink by Crafty Andy
Iampink, a photo by Crafty Andy on Flickr.

This is what this plant tells me, I am PInk. Today is Friday and I am so glad it is, very confusing week when you have a Holiday on Monday. This picture is about playing with the camera features, there is so much to play with with the camera and I think this weekend I will take a bit of a break and enjoy the camera with some of my spinning friends. No matter how grim life seems, it is all temporary and lasts but a short time. Live life to the fullest and without regrets and enjoy every minute you are able to express yourself and your creativity. Have Hat number 4 on the burner, Hat number 3a is waiting for yarn to arrive, ha ha ha. Peace and happiness always. Thanks for stopping by.

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