Crochet Finishing touches


Whether you crochet or knit, you desire nice ways of finishing your garments, accessories et all with a nice edge.  I have enjoyed the FPsc and the Reverse Single Crochet for a long time.  As I was talking to my friend Tom Belunis the other day at the Ravelry Meet up, he show me two alternate ways of making a sc that looks like a reveres single crochet.  He learned these from a Lady named Marian Nelson. So the stitches she learned from some Japanese Crochet Technique I believe. I am happy to pass them along and make them in a video that can be share with a lot more people. I added the clockwise and counterclockwise, because is how I look at things. I have been designing hats like crazy and later this week I will have a new hat published. I will have to say that my passion is to make Hats in Tapestry Crochet and I really enjoy doing that. Enjoy the video and thanks for stopping by!

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