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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tripp NYC Kilt

TrippNYCKilt (1)I have been wanting a Kilt for some time you know. I think that this one from  www.findcoolclothes.com from Tripp NYC was the perfect one for me.  I have a latent Goth Spirit in me lol. I find that it fits perfectly and that IO am very comfortable wearing it.  It is made in China, but I can tell you that is what I wanted to try.  The www.Utilikilts.com  is a great Kilt as well, but personally I wanted to try something like this and see if it was what I was going to wear.  I can tell you that I really like the Goth Look of this Kilt, more so than the others.  I even got a new belt today to go with it at the Gay Pride 2011 San Francisco.  I got a lot of compliments from people, even from the guy from the Utilikilts.   

In all reality the price is  like  1/3 of the American made one, but it is great for people who want to try a Kilt and see if it is something you want to wear.  This kilt for example has two cargo-saddle  pockets , it has a great Zipper in front. The Zipper is very sturdy, it has a button inside and it is made of a great 100 % cotton fabric.  Now for the Holidays , meaning Christmas Holidays I may buy myself a Utilikilt,  I will tell you that this is a nice piece of clothing.  To answer the obvious question that some people have, I do Wear Underwear.  At any rate I wanted to share with you my Kilt and I am working on those Klingon socks to go with it.  Thanks for stopping by!