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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tapestry Crochet Myster Hat 2

Mystery Hat 2
So you have been wondering what I am doing these days.  I have been busy designing hats for the Family for someone a great Sponsor.  I wish I could show you the things that I am working on, but I don't know that I can.  This is the first time I am working as a designer for a big company and I am hoping to create some for myself at the same time.  Nevertheless the hat you see above is the wrong side of the pattern I am working on, and what is very exciting about these patterns that I am working on is the fact that you can make them for the whole family.  It is the easiest sizing I have come up with that is very simple. At any rate I will keep you posted as I go along. I will say that some time this week or next week I will have a bit of a tutorial about how I make hats and some tips and tricks about making hats that I am hoping will benefit a lot of people. Not really fancy, but very to the point and professional.  Thanks for stopping by.