Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Polaris A Weaved Bag

The Polaris or North Star Tote Bag. I don't want to call it my Knit Bag , because when I go into a shuttle craft or a regional transport it is one of my traveling bags.  I am very  proud of the end product and there was a lot of experimentation with yarns and techniques. I used the "Cricket Loom" . I can tell you right now that I would want a bigger loom, but I am not interested in a Floor loom. Weaving is fun and is a great hobby.  I like this Loom because you can make scarves very easy and use a lot of yarns without having to knit or crochet. I guess the hardest part of the weaving is the warping of the loom by yourself, but you can do it.

PolarisBag (6)
Warping the loom to make the handles taught me a lot about how the warp threads go in the warping peg. I did different things and started at different points of the heddle to warp my loom and quickly learned that the weaver's cross has more than a purpose.  It is best if you start at one end of the loom and finish in sequence, otherwise you will have to manipulate the yarn on the warping peg  and reposition it as if you were warping it all over again.  On a small loom like the cricket is no problem.
PolarisBag (8)
I was able to create two pockets.  I called them Natural pockets, because they are born from the length of the material and my unwillingness to cut the fabric, not after I weaved it.  Ha ha ha, but by cutting the fabric I learned so much about weaving the ends without fringes and with practice I believe I can master the technique.
PolarisBag (7)
Below you see two pieces of fabric that may become pockets for the inside or the outside, but they are more than pockets potential.  I was able to pull threads out of the fabric to create a pattern, I removed some warp threads at the end to see how the edge looks, there is a lot of potential for that edge in ways of how to secure it and play with what was created.  I am planning to work and play with this fabric and learn more about finishing techniques.  This is my Travel Bag when I go on trips , is roomy, sturdy and made by me.  I hope you allow me to show you more of my adventures in weaving, this bag is called "Polaris" or North Star. May my life be always guided in the right direction. Thanks for stopping by!
PolarisBag (4)

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