Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baltar's Rebellion Mittens

This pattern is not the easiest to read, I believe it can use clarifications, but  perhaps it is me.   Is not a bad pattern, but could use some housecleaning  I found it  difficult to read, but I got the mitten done. It actually assumes that you know how to set the stitches on DPNs  or Circular needles. If you did not make mittens or gloves before, this will not be the best pattern for you. I  don't know how my gauge got so crazy, but the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, I am using my homespun. There you have to be careful. My homespun made me drop the needle size from US 6 to US 3, and it works for me, I got gauge.

BaltarRebellionMittsWIP (6)
I used DPNs because I have found them very useful when making the fingers on mittens and gloves.  Two circulars are two messy and Magic loop can get crazy when making the pinkie , lol.
BaltarRebellionMittsWIP (4)
Anyway my friends, these gloves are very substantial and I am hoping to make another one in the next day or two. I made this fingerless mitt over night, fast and easy; now to make the Left Hand .  I did change one thing on this pattern ad that was no ribbing on the fingers, I find that unattractive. I am hoping to use this yarn to make a hat  for these mitts, stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by.
BaltarRebellionMittsWIP (13)

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