Polaris Bag a WIP

This was a bag that I have been using for my knitting and crochet stuff for almost three years. It is a weaved bag unto itself, bit the handles, (which are going to be done over), were coming apart. So I decided to cover over the weaved cloth with some new stuff. My own weaving.
PolarisBagWIP (3)
I learned a lot about weaving while practicing on this piece. As you can see I decided to make the bottom not weaved like the sides, but rather a piece of great material that I have had for a long time.

PolarisBagWIP (4)
There are plenty of pockets, there could be more. I took advantage of the fabric and did not fight with it. I used the way it was weaved and the length I got.

PolarisBagWIP (6)

I will be making the handles today, I have the yarn which is parts of left over from before all set to be warped, but I am in no hurry. This has been a great project to learn about the "Cricket Loom" and weaving. Thanks for stopping by!

PolarisBagWIP (5)

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