Ionian Nebula Herbivore

The Dradis had a peculiar bleep today, if you did not know any better you would think it was a Cylon Raider, but it is far from that.  I love this pattern , even at times it gets confusing there is no wrong way of making this shawl - kerchief.  I love the color and it is Indigo over dyed malabrigo sock yarn.  I only used 80 grams and let me tell you after blocking the wingspan is pretty big.
IonianNebulaHerbivore (1)
Is it a Cylon Raider or is it the Ionian Nebula Herbivore, it is the artifact that came to completion today after all night blocking.  I have to say that I like the Light Brown Hare  material ( i.e. yarn merino/nylon sock yarn) better than this sock yarn, but both of them are fantastic. In all my knitting and crochet I am always praying the same prayer mantra  and it makes my life very fulfilling.
IonianNebulaHerbivore (6)
As you can see the wingspan is pretty substantial, yet I am able to  hug my Tauron Neck with Caprican Style. Lt. Triton  never looked so protected around the neck  and the mission has been  accomplished SIR!
IonianNebulaHerbivore (5) 
Yes I was born on Caprica , but my family came from Tauron, I have the traditional Tauron profile with the Caprican style, makes for an interesting life here in Delphi, a suburb of Caprica City. I leave you now, there is more to be done, I have mittens to make with my homespun. May the  Lords of Kobol bless our lives.

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