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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kobol has Risen

KobolFiber (3)

"Rambo, Perendale,Corriedale,Bamboo,Falkland, and a hint of Sparkle" These are all the materials of what is in the picture. I got this a while ago for the holidays and until today I got some spark to spin it. This Batt is difficult to spin because it has a lot of character and you can't fight with the character, the crimp and the fun. I am working on making a novelty yarn to be able to weave a scarf with this or maybe a shawl. I can tell you that whatever it will be , it will be plied with some kidzsilk mohair. As I learn how I spin I learn to allow the fiber to speak to me. No it really does not speak to me, but it has something to say that is subliminal. A specialty Batt like this one has a character that can not be spun like regular yarn. Your choice is to spin the fiber as a novelty yarn and take advantage of every noil, cluster and every piece of crimp that the fiber offers you. I also learn that Sometimes is good to let singles on the bobbin overnight and then ply in the morning, it allows the twist to settle more. One thing is for sure, Crafty Andy is learning about spinning and weaving and iis having a great time. You can get personalized Batts from www.desertgarden.etsy.com  
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