Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Caprica's Apollo and more

CapricasApolloWIP (1) 
Welcome to the New Year and to the new projects of Crafty Andy.  I am so excited to be making this scarf and I am hoping to delight you with more weaving as the year goes on.  Next Month we have Stitches West which will bring me to see more looms  to try and see.  I believe I want to buy the Kromski 32 inch loom , definitely make my own bag for it.  I say why buy the bag unless it is a good deal, never the less it is too early to think about buying a new Loom, maybe for my birthday.  This pattern is fascinating, it is called the hounds tooth and it is a very simple pattern.  I took the beginners class at A Verb for Keeping Warm store's new location on San Pablo avenue and Alcatraz , Oakland California.   April is our teacher, great lady, and great class.
HerbivoreJan2011WIP (1) 
This above is the Ionian Herbivore, it is made with the malabrigo sock yarn in overdyed indigo color.  This is one of my most favorite West Knits patterns along with the Boneyard.
Last Sunday I got together with my friends Kyle and John and I spun with my Sonata while they were doing some knitting.  This was a gift from James Herbison of FIBREALIVE , thank you my friend for such a thoughtful gift.  I thought of you as I was spinning and plying. It is a very cold day and the gym is waiting for me.  I will come back home and work on my weaving for some hour or so and then on my herbivore a bit more.  I do have some nice camel / silk blend to spin that my friend Naomi drum carded for me, it is like spinning a cloud, very lovely.  Thanks for stopping by!

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