Sunday, November 21, 2010

SILK Road to Kobol WIP

SILKRoadtoKobolWIP (2)
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I have been making these babies during the weekend besides other projects. Diamond Back Mitts by West Knits. This pattern is clver, intelligent and fantastic to make. I changed it a little bit to fancy me of course, but otherwise this pattern rocks by itsel. Mr. West has made a wonderful pattern and taught me a thing or two about slip stitches. This is a fantastic pattern if you want to try and test slip stitches along with cables. I will be making some more of these in the near future. These are being made with Noro SIlk Garden i.e. the SIlk Road to Kobol name, and Lamb's Pride worsted weight. If you are interested in this pattern here is the LINK Below. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thermopylae A Scarf

Thermopylae (5)
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Thermopylae means "hot gates" in Greek. This is derived from the myth that Heracles had jumped into the river in an attempt to wash off the Hydra poison infused in the cloak that he could not take off. The river was said to have turned hot and stayed that way ever since.

Thermopylae is located in eastern central Greece on the only land route large enough to bear any significant traffic between Lokris and Thessaly. Passage from north to south along the east coast of the Balkan peninsula requires use of the pass. Further west the way is blocked by mountains and the Gulf of Corinth. For this reason the area has been the site of several battles.

Just for the Holidays I got this crazy Idea of a scarf in Tapestry Crochet to bring you some warmth and inspired by Greek History. When patterns come to my brain I stopped and write them down, the muses are very kind some times and give me the inspiration from a story. On your Right at the side bar you will find my first Tapestry Crochet Scarf. It is a simple scarf, yet it will challenge you enough to give you a taste of Tapestry Crochet with some intermediate techniques in crochet. There are video links to help you out with color changes and FPdc and the such. I made four in very little time, so I know it will be a fantastic stocking stuffer gift. I hope that you enjoy this pattern and that you get to be playful with the colors and have fun making it your own unique scarf with left over yarn from your other projects. Pattern creation is an honor and I am happy to share this with you, thanks for stopping by.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A video about Tapestry Crochet

A Tapestry Crochet Video with some Front Post treble crochet  Action, sounds dirty I know, but it is plain clean fun.  Some day I will have a different camera that will make it easier for me to make videos, but in the meantime I am enjoying myself with this fun activity. I am hoping that this video helps you understand a bit more about techniques to make your crochet experience the best it can be.  One may say that I am in a mission to make Crochet more of an Art Form, for men and women.  I hope you enjoy my newest Pattern which is coming out in a few days after this video.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hercules Tapestry Crochet Scarf

Hercules (2)
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I have been wondering for a long time what will a Tapestry crochet scarf look like. Here it is, I called it Hercules, there will be a pattern later on, don't know when, but I was able to make this in a couple of hours with the right yarn. Hercules is a Testament to Free Form Crochet and Tapestry Crochet. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Caprican KoolHaas FO

CapricanKoolHaas (3)
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You know by now that I love hats. This hats is amazing , but it is hard on the wrists as it includes twisted stitches and twisted cables. In the end I will say that I will make it again. I don't like long hats, I like to hear around me when I am walking or outside. I made it with four repetitions only, I could have probably used another inch at the brim and fold it if necessary, but the circumference of the hat is perfect. Jared Flood KoolHaas is an amazing project that will guide you through the steps of twisted stitches and twisted cables. This is done in Malabrigo worsted weight with size 6 mm. I started with US 7 DPNs for the brim, yep the other way around as I am contrarian lol! I know how I knit so I figure I need to make sure it goes over my big head. Once the brim was done, I proceeded to make the hat on US 6. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

KoolHaas WIP

KoolHaasWIP (2)
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This is what I am up to , besides working on a Cardigan. It is the time of reckoning as I finally get the rest that I need. My father passed to spirit, and it is no sadness for me, he was a very mean spirited and abusive man. He was abusive in so many ways that you will have to look through this blog to find out, because I am able to finally close this chapter in my life. In my honor and to celebrate my life and the good that I have created in my life, even against all odds from the misery of his abuse and others, I am celebrating life and the love within my heart. Don't be misguided, I could have not survived this long without forgiveness, but not forgetting the lessons is crucial. I say forgiveness is for the victim more than for the victimizer, because you release the hold this person has on you, the anger and the past. I came to this on my own at the tender age of 33 , but this is a process that continues as you continue to live. That was my awakening and when I realized how beautiful life trully was without the burden of hate and guilt in my heart. Today at the Tender age of 50, a week after his body has been put to rest in the ground, 6 feet below,covered with concrete , where he will no longer hurt anyone else. I celebrate the little good I found in my Father and as such I hope his tortured soul rests in peace. May the Lords of Kobol judge him, because I am too biased to judge. The cycle stopped with me and for that I am very happy. Lords of Kobol Hear my prayer of Gratitude for all the good that I have been able enjoy in life despite all odds. I am no longer a survivor, I live because there is a life to life. Thanks for stopping by!

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